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"Chinese Tourist"

This "Chinese Tourist" sculpture is currently in bronze resin. It can be purchased either in bronze resin (as an unlimited edition artwork) or in bronze (as a limited edition sculpture - one of a series of 8).

"Chinese Tourist" can also be commissioned in any size for a private garden or public space (either in keeping with the original concept or with a European or African face).

Chinese Tourist by Zhang Yaxi

Bronze resin Chinese Tourist back view)

Side view of Chinese Tourist

Front view
"Chinese Tourist"

Sculptor: Zhang Yaxi
Title of sculpture: "Chinese Tourist"
Current Medium: Bronze Resin (also available in bronze)
Current Size: 47 x 16 x 13 cm
Price for bronze resin: (unlimited edition) US$ 1500 + shipping
Price for bronze (limited edition of 8): US$ 3500 + shipping

Zhang Yaxi can also be commissioned for any large-scale sculpture (lifesize or larger).

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